Achievements of our Women Safety Net Project

  • November 2014 to September 2019
  • Women Trained about R.C.H -438
  • Village People Trained about Leadership Skills-318
  • Village People Trained about Government Schemes-238
  • Number of men and women participated in SNG and Supporters Training -320
  • Number of men participated in Master’s Training for the MSWs-35
  • Number of School Programs conducted-19
  • Number of Children participated in quiz & poster competition-760
  • Total number of teachers and students attended these school programs-over 6000
  • No. of participants in trauma management training by Japanese experts- 70
  • MSW/ Women Leader Felicitation done in-10 Project Villages
  • Training given to officers of women helpline and 1090 by mamta samajik Sanstha, it is a great pride for Mamta that we got an opportunity to train officers of women helpline.
  • Plates with contact number of DIC posted on the walls of the village cooperator’s house-38 plates
  • Number of people shown interest to be in Village forum- over 300
  • Total number of participants in IWD programme- 500
  • Number of meetings conducted with the village people-Twice in a month in 10 project villages and over 6000 village men and women participated in village meetings.
  • Number of calls received at DIC from Project villages-over 800
  • Number of calls received at DIC from other part of dist. Dehradun and Uttarakhand- over 700

Mass Awareness Campaign Through Education Material, Rallies

  • Around 900 Sticker displayed in school, colleges, public transport, Govt. Offices and panchayat members. Over 10,000 people got information from stickers.
  • Over 2000 Handouts and pamphlets has been distributed to the village people and govt. officials. We have spread information about leadership and information about laws against violence. We told them to share information through with their family, friends and neighbors. We have reached over 5000 people through handouts and pamphlets.
  • Information through guideline has shared with the SNG members and now SNG members are conducted village meetings through guidelines.
  • Slogans painted on the walls at 7-8 places of each village
  • Spread awareness through Rallies and over 600 students and village girls & women participated in rallies.
  • Spread awareness through street plays by the school students and village children.

Well equipped “Drop in Center” for victims
We have opened DIC at GRC, kehri gaon. Security cameras have been installed at DIC so that everyone can be under the eyes of camera and any person from outside can’t enter inside the DIC without permission. It has one counselling room, Dormitory. Women and their attendant from the targeted villages stay at DIC as needed. Total 298 women visited DIC and stay at DIC.

  • Patients and other visitors who visited at DIC for treatments and other help-70
  • Follow up visits to Victims after stayed at DIC in each village – Twice a month
  • Number of cases solved through counseling and support of forum- 195

Number of women taken to :

  • SWC – 43
  • Women Cyber Cell -15
  • Women helpline- 29

Exposure visits conducted in five Years

  • Exposure visit to Delhi conducted two times for village girls and peers. 22 village women or female village leaders explore some areas or organization in Delhi such as- Jagriti organization, Premchhaya etc.
  • Exposure visit to local Govt. Offices conducted four times and 60 village women and peers visited govt. offices with MSS and got many information about govt. schemes and working process of the organizations.
  • Exposures visit to Kotdwar, Haridwar and Bijnor was conducted for 2 days in February 2018. Nine village women and SNG members visited at “karuna social service society “with the MSS team.
  • Exposure visit to Goonj organization, Rishikesh was conducted in Mar 18.


  • Now SNG members have taken responsibility of WSN project. They are using their knowledge to deal with domestic violence, which they gained through the trainings and meetings of Mamata Sanstha and spreading awareness about gender based violence with the village people They will be always ready to maintain a safe environment for women and girls in their village.
  • One stop center is the new initiative of government, all the facilities like DIC are available at One stop center. Victims who will come to DIC for stay, MSS can refer them to one stop center. Ms. Maya Negi, central administrative officer of one stop center has allowed Mamta Sanstha to refer victims from DIC to one stop center.

Facilities available at one stop center-
Temporary shelter facility to aggrieved women for maximum 5 days.
Legal aid and counselling
Medical assistance
Assistance to women in lodging FIR /NCR/DIR

Suggestions & recommendation

  • Panchayat election will be conducted in Oct 19 and then new series of panchayat leaders will be emerged. MSS will establish a partnership with them through meetings.
  • Follow up meetings and refresher training will be conducted with the SNG members.
  • More Community Members will be sensitized and motivated to stand for women’s fundamental rights and raise voice with us for women safety.



Different forms of the violence experienced by female respondents

Response against VAW or domestic violence 



Status of the problems for which respondents’s Family members/neighbors contacted DIC

What the victim of domestic violence should do

Impact of the WSN project in men respondent’s life

Important suggestions to improve the quality and efficacy of the project


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