Livelihood is the basic and essential need of any family to survive. One can think about his/her education, health and social responsibilities better, if he/she is economically sound. Particularly, livelihood promotion among women of weaker section may bring huge difference in the lives of women. It may not only increase family income, but it may raise voice and status of woman in her own family and the society.

  • Income generation for the weaker section of the society, has been the main thrust of Mamta since its inception. One can think about his/her education, health and social responsibilities better, if he/she is economically sound. Mamta, since its inception involved some women from weaker section in income generating activities such as: knitting, sewing, embroidery, painting, hand made soft toys, greetings cards, eatables like pickle, jam, chips etc.
  • To market its products, a shop called ‘Lowcost Home Care Point’ was opened and maintained for 3 years i.e. 1992-94.It was an unit of voluntary organizations or network of Mamta’s seven partners who found it difficult to market their products, kept their products in this shop. We had to close down the shop because we could not compete the market.
  • Mamta has entered in the field of Micro credit in December, 2007.Formed 5 Joint liability groups(JLGs) in January,2008 and provided credit loan to 25 members of women from weaker section of the society with the help of Uttarakhand Microfinance and Livelihood Promotion Development Cooperative Institute, Govt of Uttarakhand. Currently more than 50 groups are ready to take loan for their small entrepreneurships. We are targeting 74 slums of Dehradun in the beginning and gradually expand the micro credit work in rural areas of Dehradun and other districts of Uttarakhand. We have also linked up our organization with L.I.C.of India in March, 2008 to provide micro insurance facilities to the members and families of the weaker section of the society, particularly to the members of micro credit groups.
  • We are also planning to start functional vocational trainings from April,2008 for less educated and disadvantaged youth of the society on various viable trades in order to give them an opportunity to either start their own small entrepreneurships or get suitable job after the training.

Livelihoods activities:

We also had following activities to promote livelihoods with Women Self Help Groups and marginal farmers in two tribal blocks Chakrata & Kalsi of Dehradun district: –

  • Formation of Self Help Groups & small Farmers Federations
  • Marketing and Trainings/Demonstrations to SHGs and Federations.
  • Income Generating Activities & Capacity Building trainings to the SHG members.


  • Farmers’ Federation linked with Mother Dairy, New Delhi
  • SHGs Linked with Anchal Dairy for milk marketing
  • Linked with Pantnagar University for Technical Aspects.
  • Linked with NAFED for Pea marketing.
  • Promoted “Organic Rajma” in the belt of Chakrata.

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