We believe that today’s empowered girl can become an empowered woman in future. Today’s investment in girl child may give good dividend in future as empowered woman. Therefore, we focused our organisation’s activities on girl child education, health, nutrition, vocational training, skill development and leadership development for adolescent girls and young women/mothers.

Women and girls of poor families in rural areas in North India are often subject to discrimination. Most women and girls are only educated up to the elementary level and largely lack a voice in society. Even after marriage, they face major difficulties. These women and girls have dreams just like everyone else but they have yet to realize their full potential. Our goal is to help such women and girls to achieve their dreams. Through educational programmes, sensitization about various schemes of the government for upliftment of women and girls and skill development, we at MSS intend to empower girls and women and play a role in helping reduce existing gender inequalities.

We have helped to organize adolescent girls groups in order to give them an opportunity to support and learn from each other and improve their prospects of live. Each group has selected two girls as peer educators of the group and they have been trained by us to keep continuing its activities independently in their respective villages. We have also formed male support groups in each village and we are hosting meetings and trainings for males to promote gender awareness and equality in the community.

Brief about the MSS activities for Adolescent Girls with support from JICA

The Mamta Samajik Sanstha has been an active partner with JICA and has been implementing the TPAK-MSS projects aimed at social and economic development for adolescent girls self sufficiency support.

JPP (JICA partnership programme)

Project Area- Ghat Block, District Chamoli, Uttarakhand – 40 Villages with majority of them having tribal population.

  • TPAK and MSS have taken have worked together from June 2005 in Ghat block of Chamoli.
  • It is one of the remotest and most underserved belt in the state and the county. The beneficiaries mostly belong to scheduled tribes.
  • The basic aim was to raise the health and hygiene status of children in the primary schools and their family members
  • The project also facilitated access to various govt. welfare schemes and information.


Many activities were undertaken , a few among them are

  • Adolescent Girl Health Mela
  • Hemoglobin Test
  • Iodine Test
  • Male Support Group Meeting
  • Community Meetings
  • Counselling Activities
  • Distribution Of Iron Tablets
  • T.T Injections
  • International Women Day
  • Health Checkups
  • World T.B Day
  • Income Generation Training
  • Micro Finance Programme
  • Motivational Training
  • Distribution Of Iron Syrup & Other Medications

TPAK- MSS Collaborative project

Although India has been consistently making economic progress but the condition of women especially rural women is still poor.

Most women and girls are educated only up to the elementary level and largely lack a social voice.

As a result of the discrimination these women do not realize their full potential

This project which the MSS is implementing with help from JICA aims to help the women and girls achieve their dreams and fulfill their ambitions.

The project is running from May 2009 in 20 tribal and minority dominated villages of Vikasnagar area in Dehradun. The project targets girls between the age of 10-19 years

Objectives of the project: –

  • Reducing gender inequalities and raising community awareness
  • To empower women and girls through educational programmes and skill development

The project has carried out the following activities-

  1. Establishment of a Gender Resource centre in Kehri Gaon, Dehradun
  2. Establishment of Sub Gender Resource centers in project villages.
  3. Organization of Adolescent girl groups
  4. Identify and develop peer educators through trainings
  5. Organization of Male support groups to promote awareness and gender equality.
  6. Hosting fairs and health education campaigns
  7. Vocational Trainings and Career Guidance
  8. Income generation activities through sewing classes and other activities
  9. Facilitating the gap between women groups and govt. welfare schemes.

The achievements of both the project areas have been very encouraging. A brief synopsis is as follows

S.No. Activity Name  Total No. Of Activities Total Beneficiaries
1 Adolescent Girl Health Mela 13 1586
2 Hemoglobin Test 483 1004
3 Iodine Test Across 60 Villages 1635
4 Male Support Group Meeting 94 1649
5 Community Meeting 147 3543
6 Quiz Competition 72 1587
7 Counseling Of Project Staff 4 134
8 Counseling Of Coordinators & P.E 2 66
9 Distribution Of Iron Tablets 20 1569
10 T.T Injections 1 80
12 A.G Weight Measurement 2 187
13 A.G Height Measurement 1 44
14 International Women Day 1 200
15 Health Checkup By Japanese Health Specialist 1 90
16 World T.B Day 1 90
17 Delhi Tour 1 30
18 Review Meeting 2 87
19 Income Generation Training 1 33
20 Micro Finance Programme 1 27
21 Motivational Training 1 28
22 Distribution Of Iron Syrup In Ghat Chamoli 3 30
23 Mobile Health Visit Ghat Chamoli 6 813
24 Vocational Training 8 217
25 P.E Programme In Ghat 1 35
26 A.G Training Programme 30 764
27 Leadership Development Training Programme 2 60
28 World Breastfeeding Programme 1 280
29 National Nutrition Week Programme 20 365
30 Health Checkup In Vikasnagar By  Doctors From England 30 541
31 Health Checkup In Ghat Chamoli By Doctors From England 8 353
32 World Aids Day 2 280
33 Hand Wash Day 1 41
34 Visit To St. Stephen Hospital, Delhi 1 8
35 Education Building Programme In 11 Villages In Ghat Chamoli 1 24

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