Personal Profile

Name - Faimida

Village - Bulakiwala

Husband - Talib

Age -36

Children - 2 Sons and 2 Daughters

Faimida, a dynamic mother of four children, a caring wife, and a wonderfully informed Anganwadi Worker (AWW) has been an inspiration to many girls and women in her area, especially regarding how a women can change her situation through firm resolve and appropriate knowledge on key issues. She is an SNG member under WSN project in village Bulakiwada along with her immensely important role in Kushal Kishori Pariyojna implemented by Mamat Samajik Sanstha. She is the one person in her village who is readily available to victims of any form of gender based violence, e.g., domestic and crime against women outside home, etc. She believes that one should not hesitate in intervening into matters of domestic violence as this could create an indirect support to the doers of such acts and would reinforced the traditional gender based norms of the society. Her energetic leadership under the aegis of WSN project has brought a complete transformation of ground situation regarding domestic violence and other forms of violence against women in Bulakiwala and nearby areas.

However, a decade ago she was just a simple women, shy and fearful to face others, complexed about her physically challenged status and reactive in her approach as she always blamed God for her degenerated conditions. She hesitantly came out and met the people associated with Mamta Samajik Sanstha, around twelve years ago, and agreed to volunteer for the organization on local issues. Initially she was linked with the Kushal Kishori Pariyojna in which she worked hard to earn recognition and self-respect. It was the time when she questioned a lot of misconceptions and complexes she harbored due to hardships and gender based control she went through in her life. She realized that women and girls can push their boundaries and can effectively come out of the vicious circle of sufferings and atrocities against them. In meantime, she also joined WSN project and became a SNG member. She underwent various trainings on different issues related with women and girls and participated in almost all the village meetings that took place in her village. She now started to believe that nothing can stop achieving the goal for an action oriented person not matter he or she is physically sound or challenged. She regained a new confidence in her which was based on her being action oriented or being proactive. “It was the awareness, the knowledge, the trainings, I underwent while working under WSN project which brought me the truth and showed me the path…a path to emancipation of not only the women but also of the men from the worthless clutters of traditional thinking, patriarchy and gender roles”. She is also working as an AWW and imparting her knowledge on women centric schemes, domestic violence, women’s health and other relevant issues to hundreds of males and females in her areas. She is one of the most respected women of her village leading an independent life. She is a true inspiration to women and girls of her village and nearby area.

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