Personal profile

Name - brij Mohini

Village - Sabhawala

Husband - Suresh Kumar

Age -35

Post – Vice Pradhan

Children - 1 Son, 3 Daughters

Changes then and Now

Brij Mohini, a 35 years old housewife, a mother of children and the vice president of Sabhawala village panchayat has been associated with Mamta Samajik Sanstha for almost eleven years. She has also been actively associated with Mahila Shakti Grih Yojna (WSN project) and has been playing crucial role in bringing the changes in the lives of women and girls of the village through various project activities. She is one of the most responsible human faces of the WSN project in the village who is involved in empowering women and girls of the village through awareness generation and linking them with the services established under the initiative. She has earned a lot of respect among women, girls and general community members of the village. However, a few years ago she was like other women of the village, subjected to vicious environment filled with regular incidences of domestic violence. She was forced to bear the harassment and agony silently as she was not supposed to either raise her voice against these atrocities or to seek support of any person or institution outside her family. Her rights as a women, as a wife and as a human have been denied under the normative stereotypical gender roles.

However, with the initiation of WSN project in the village she had found a local platform where she could raise her grievances. She attended most of trainings and meetings organized under the project and received the knowledge about the women’s rights as well as the legal and institutional provisions established for addressing the key women related issues. She herself experienced a paradigm shift regarding gender related issues and women’s rights. Slowly and slowly, while participating in the various activities under WSN project she championed the cause of domestic violence and led silent revolution at grassroots level which transformed the very nature of the responses of men and women against the gender based violence, discrimination and control. She worked hard under the aegis of WSN project to sensitize men and women in the village and created an environment of change at grassroots level which promoted victims of domestic violence. Now victims of domestic violence in her village no more bear the pain silently and access the DIC and other platform or services under the project instantly. Within a few years of her hard work under the project has brought fruitful changes in the lives of women and girls as under the effective support of safety net, help spots and supportive group of sensitized men (involved as MSW) they are now experiencing a fresh blossom freedom, empowerment and true meaning of being a women.

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