Need helping hands to support vulnerable communities to survive during crisis of COVID 19:

Mamta Samajik Sanstha stands with vulnerable communities to fight against COVID 19

COVID 19 has left no stone unturned. It has widely and equally affected the communities worldwide irrespective of caste, class, color and creed. Though threat of life and infection is same on any human being. But this threat of COVID 19 further aggregate with financial crisis among vulnerable communities like slum dwellers, migrant laborers and unreached people in remote areas. Whereas, slum dwellers and migrant laborers have more chance of getting infection due to high density population and migration from one place to another place. But village community is equally at threat due to ignorance about the dreaded disease, lack of basic infrastructure, means of communication and health care services, fear of losing wages and most of them are daily wages workers or depend on nearby cities to get some daily wages work and earn money to cater to the daily needs of their families.

Lockdown is very good step by the Central and state government to stop the spread of the disease and combat COVID 19.But as days are passing by, the lockdown is showing adverse effect in the lives of these vulnerable communities in term of loss of wages, mental stress due to fear and uncertainty, shortage of money for essential items and food grain etc. Relief services are reaching more in cities and slum areas in comparison to rural areas. Government is trying to reach these rural communities through public distribution system and putting some money in the accounts of those village people having Jandhan yojna bank account and who are registered laborers under scheme like MNREGA. But there are many village people who are not linked to any of these schemes and these people are most vulnerable. Civil societies and NGOs should try to reach these people to give them immediate relief and later think about their rehabilitation for livelihood and survival.

Mamta Samajik Sanstha is trying to support these vulnerable communities in the rural areas of Vikasnagar block of district Dehradun with the participation of community leaders. We wish to support the vulnerable communities in the following ways:

  1. Immediate Relief- Kit of essential food items for one month, sanitizer, soaps, masks and education material on Do’s and Don’ts
  2. Long term Rehabilitation – Linking these families to govt various schemes like PDS to get ration, Aganwadi centre to get help for women and children, Jan dhan Yojna bank account, MNREGA, old people pension, widow pension, pension for person with disability etc
  3. Providing them various helpline numbers to get help in case of any emergency
  4. Planning to conduct skill development and income generation activities for their livelihood through our NGO,Mamta Samajik Sansth,Dehradun.
  5. Follow up through community leaders and volunteers in respective villages

Kindly Donate:

If you wish to stand with these vulnerable groups/communities, please join hands with us to support these people in need with love and dignity. If you are local person, you may provide us with essential food items with sanitizers, soaps and masks etc. Outside people may donate us online. We may give you our account number if you are interested to donate for these needy people.

Look forward to get your support to help our fellow human being to firmly fight against COVID 19.

Thanks and Regards,

J.M.Singh Chief Functionary,
Mamta Samajik Sanstha
Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Mob: +91-9719294888
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